Our Story

From humble beginnings selling coffee on a bicycle to now being a national beverage company. The NITRO Beverage Co. story is the true entrepreneurial dream. Nitro is defining a new and sustainable segment for the beverage industry: Nitrogen-Infused beverages! The main benefits of infusing a beverage with nitrogen are that it creates this beautiful cascade, a naturally sweet & creamy texture, and a silky smooth finish. It's truly an unforgettable drinking experience. 

Our story begins in the summer of 2016 when the four of us friends started selling nitro cold brew coffee by the keg via tricked out bicycles in both Asbury Park and Hoboken, New Jersey. As our business grew, we recognized a huge demand for organic and craft beverages on tap. That is when NITRO Beverage Co. was born.

We continued selling kegs of the cold brew to restaurants and offices with the ultimate goal of making ready-to-drink products, and in the spring of 2018 we arrived at that goal with our very first canning run. From there, we started to gain traction, expanding into retail stores and even landing in the Whole Foods Market Local Brands program. 

Fast-forward to today, two bikes, a commercial brewery, kegs in leading offices, and cans shipped right to your door. Fans no longer have to be in New Jersey to drink NITRO, as we aim to share our products all over the country and soon the world.