Our Story

It's humbling to think that the original cold brew we started selling out of a hand-built coffee cart in 2016 can now be enjoyed nationwide thanks to the support of loyal believers early on. They wanted what we wanted; beverages without all the sugar, calories, and preservatives. 

The main benefits of brewing with nitrogen are that it creates a frothy and smooth texture as well as a beautiful cascade. It's truly an unforgettable drinking experience that we wanted to share with as many people as possible. 

As lines grew at the coffee carts, we also recognized a growing demand for organic & craft beverages throughout the country. We started selling kegs of the cold brew to offices, gyms and restaurants with the ultimate goal of making ready-to-drink cans. 

In the spring of 2018 we arrived at that goal with our very first production run of cans. 

From there, we started to gain traction, expanding into grocery stores and even landing on the shelves at Whole Foods!

Fast-forward to today, we have kegs in leading offices, 1,000+ retailers in the US, and cans shipped right to your door all across the country. As NITRO grows, we promise to continue innovating while staying true to sourcing the highest-quality organic and fair-trade ingredients.